Originally, the purpose of the frame was to protect the painting during transportation. Not long after that, an aesthetic and symbolic intention was put behind it. The frame separated the painting from its surroundings and contributed to guiding the viewer’s attention towards the work of art. The function of a frame can also aid in uniting the painting with its surroundings.

Framing is a craft that requires skilled competence. There are a considerable number of paintings hanging wherever you look that has been ruined due to incorrect framing. Among the most common causes of damage are the usage of materials containing acid and reducing the margins of the print, sometimes all the way to the edge of the work. It is important that the right materials are chosen and that the work is done by an expert so that the work of art is preserved for the future.

Our framing workshop does work for private customers, businesses and public museums and collections. We have a good selection of frame mouldings, from simple ones to the most exclusive.

Frame restoration:


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