Galleri Tonne AS has the longest and most comprehensive experience in Norway in the handling of fire and water damaged art.

- Our restorer and technical assistants have special expertise in this area. In addition, we have developed procedures and routines that aim at satisfying any of the needs our clients may have in connection with all of the work done at every stage of the process, from the moment the damage occurs and until the work of art is restored. The entire insurance industry in Norway and all of the largest damage control companies have benefitted from our expertise over the last thirty-four years.

Art can add something positive to our lives and be to our betterment.

However, art can also cause you to worry, especially in regards to fire and water damage, vandalism and transportation damage. In these situations you can feel threatened. The consequences of the damage can seem insurmountable. At this point it is important that expert knowledge and experience is available.

We know how important it is to get up and running quickly in order to limit the extent of the damage. Our expertise is always standing by and only a phone call away.

Emergency Telephone:

+47 40 41 32 21
+47 40 41 32 22

"The Fire" - Meyer Von Bremen, 1852.

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